3 Hollywood Actors Who Destroyed Their Career With One Role

Cuba M. Gooding – Boat Trip

Perhaps, most of readers won’t remember this popular actor now. Though he has the Oscar Award for the film “Jerry Maguire”. In the beginning of 2000 the actor was in high demand. He was compared with Denzel Washington and Samuel Jackson. The last successful project of Cuba was the film “Men of Honor”. According to Zoomboola, after it the actor started to appear in rather strange movies and the end of his career was the film “Boat Trip”. After this not funny at all comedy fans started to forget this guy. He started to shoot in films, but they were secondary roles only.

Kevin Costner – The Postman

Kevin had easily reached the top of the world cinematography after the “Dances with Wolves”. Then he appeared in rather successful projects: “Robin Hood”, “The Bodyguard”, and in Clint Eastwood’s film “A Perfect World”. The beginning of the 90’s was the most successful part of the actor’s career. And the first great fail of Kevin was the film “Waterworld”. Costner caught a huge portion of critics. Then he decided to make his own post-apocalyptic film named “The Postman”. The project received 5 “Golden Raspberries” and put a real crimp on his career for long years.

Sean Connery – The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

Sean Connery has appeared in a great amount of successful projects. But in the beginning of 2000 the film “The League”, based on DC comics, was released. Connery played in the leading part there. The film was very bad and after that we¬†didn’t see the actor in any other movies.