4 Hollywood Stars Who Quarrelled With Parents Forever

Mother and father’s support is important for any person, but some actors think that their parents are toxic. Moreover, some famous stars abandoned the connection with close people forever. Even with those who gave them the most expensive thing in the world – life.

Angelina Jolie

Filmstar stopped meeting with his father after he had refused to act with her in the adventure story about Lara Croft. Famous Jon Voight laughed at his daughter’s offer and said that she was crazy. Learning about it Angie stopped meeting her father forever and stated that he would never meet his grandchildren.

Jennifer Aniston

She also showed her strong character. Filmstar cut out of her life the closest person, her mother. The reason to cut ties with Nancy Dow was the book’s release where Dow wrote about Jennifer. In the interview the actress says that the book was the straw that broke Jennifer’s back. Besides, her mother always belittled her.


About his mother, who gave Eminem birth in the age of 17, rap star talks only with unpleasant words. He couldn’t forgive her miserable and hungry childhood. For many years the musician doesn’t meet his mother, who learnt to earn money on her famous son’s name.

Macaulay Culkin

For keeping self-serving aims Macaulay Culkin accused his parents. The actor stated that his parents were always interested only in money. And he didn’t know what the parental care was. Macaulay cut ties with his parents and said that they were the reasons of his faults.