4 Hollywood Stars with Scars on Their Faces

Perfect appearance is not always the keystone to the successful acting career. And the presence of special signs sometimes becomes the certain touch bringing the star some kind of mysterious charm.

Harrison Ford

Not very big, but rather noticeable scar famous Indiana Jones got after the car crash. But the thin and slanted scar on the actor’s chin doesn’t make him less handsome.

Sandra Bullock

A bit noticeable scar near her eye Sandra got as a memory of her falling from the hill into the river. Even after becoming a famous actress Sandra didn’t request to the professional cosmetologists. She decided not to get rid of the scar which reminds Sandra about her childhood and the fact that she fortunately escaped more serious injuries.

Jason Momoa

Lots of men sought to possess the charm which is showing off on the Khal Drogo’s eyebrow. And some of them even shaved off the hair in this zone. However, the star of “Games of Thrones” got it accidently when he fought in the bar.

Tommy Flanagan

Commotion of drunk guys didn’t end up for Tommy Flanagan as good as in the case with Jason Momoa. A huge scar on the chick added him some masculinity, but also determined his stage types. Now Tommy acts only as a gangster or a policeman.