5 Actors Who Became Famous After Shooting in Remakes

While creating remakes screenwriters feel themselves responsible for the project and try to surpass the original version. Roles in remakes take special place among the accomplishments of famous actors. And some unknown beginners gained their fame all over the world due these films.

Jeff Goldblum

Before the release of the fantasy horror “The Fly” the name of a young actor was unknown to most of the audience. The movie “The Fly” is a remake of sane-titled film of year 1956. It exactly signified the start of actor’s popularity growing.

Michelle Pfeiffer

“Scarface” is a remake of a legendary black and white movie of year 1932. Brian De Palma invited famous Al Pacino for the role of Tony Montana. And young unknown that time actress Michelle Pfeiffer acted as Elvira. For blonde actress this role became the first in her coming afterwards acting achievements.

Rooney Mara

Shooting in a remake of the Swedish movie of year 2009 “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, Rooney Mara wrote her name into the list of celebrities with giant fame and popularity. It happened even though the girl didn’t have leading roles beforehand.

Freddie Highmore

One of the first star roles of a young actor Freddie Highmore was the role of Charlie in the remake of movie “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. In the original film the role of the boy from a poor family played Peter Ostrum. And like for Peter, this role brought Freddie world fame.

Kate Winslet

In 1997 not very famous British actress Kate Winslet played the leading role of the “Titanic” remake of year 1958. Her partner in the film was Leonardo DiCaprio. And as it is described in Hollywood fairy tales, the next after the premiere morning the actress woke up being famous.