Three Best Roles of Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts is one of the best Hollywood film actresses. Her charming smile for three decades already makes the fans’ hearts beat more often. Among film awards of the actress there are Oscar, Emmy, Golden Globe and BAFTA. And her contribute into the world culture people consider to be invaluable.

“Pretty Woman”

Famous celebrities like Meg Ryan, Darryl Hannah and Kim Beisinger refused to act in the romantic comedy of the year 1990 which produced Harry Marshall. These actors decided that the role of young street prostitute humiliating. Now it’s hard to imagine any other actress besides Julia Roberts in the image of the pretty woman. Being at the very beginning of her career she agreed to play the leading role with pleasure. Julia managed to add heartwarming sense of romance to the image of her heroine and deserved the Golden Globe award.

“Dying Young”

After unbelievable success of “Pretty Woman” critics predicted Julia Roberts the lifelong stage type of a romantic heroine. Playing a role of a nurse who looked after the terminally ill young fellow in the not very popular drama “Dying Young”, Julia showed one more side of her talent. She made audience cry and laugh together with her heroine.

“Erin Brockovich”

The role of a single mother brought Julia her first Oscar. She dared to challenge the giant corporation which was polluting groundwater with carcinogenic industrial wastes. The striking social drama of Steven Soderbergh “Erin Brockovich” is one of the best in its genre, which is mainly Julia Roberts’s achievement who managed to show the strength of the female character.