4 Top Shows With Disappointing Ending

There are several reasons of serials’ popularity – short series, unexpected turns and lols of characters among which every fan finds similar to himself one. However, their endings sometimes are completely not so as the audience expected.

“Game of Thrones”

After the ending of the project “Game of Thrones” audience literally flooded the management of HBO channel to re-enact the concluding eighth part of the film. Fans couldn’t forgive the producers for infamous fate of their lovely Daenerys. They named the fact that Bran Stark became the Lord of Winterfell instead of John Snow the real disappointment.


The serial “Dexter” lost his status of cult fame after the final season. Fans said that the ending of the story about handsome sociopath policeman was trite and tearful. Audience asks why screenwriters couldn’t think up something more original than just Dexter’s leaving from his fans.


Before the final shots of the movie audience hoped that the heroes of the he serial “Lost” who had to struggle for their living after the airliner crash could get out of the island. How disappointed were the fans when they found out that all their favorite heroes were dead already and the island served as a purgatory.

“Sex and the City”

Focus on Carrie Bradshaw who was always choosing the wrong guys in the serial “Sex and the City” made audience tired of watching. Only the most devoted fans of the serial were waiting for the season ending. But even they were disappointed with the filmmakers who didn’t ever manage to solve Carrie’s problems.