3 Genius Screenwriters Who Are Difficult for Understanding

In spite of common opinion, some screenwriters don’t think about audience reaction when they create any movie. More often expectations of fans pay off completely and the film becomes one from their favouritelist. But sometimes it happens so that after watching of new masterpiece the audience claims: “What the heck was that?”

Derek Jarman

The art of Derek Jarman has come into the cinematography history forever as the most uncertain. In 1993 blind and dying of AIDS filmmaker released his last film “Blue”. It was the revelation even for those who considered themselves experts in filmmaking art area. Absence of image and the voiceover were the confession and farewell of the screenwriter with his life. It’s hard for an everyman to understand this art.

Terry Gilliam

Infernal humor and endless imagination became the call card of Terry Gilliam. His art devoted the world into two parts: those who understood what the screenwriter wanted to say and everybody else. After watching films “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas” and not less exciting “Tideland” there are few questions left. But common audience consider antiutopian movie “Brazil” as the ravings of the madman.

Lars Von Trier

Adored and hated by everyone at the same time Lars Von Trier created a famous and very ambiguous trilogy “Golden Heart”. After a long break he shot “House that Jack Built” in 2019. Fans of the screenwriter watched the story about weekdays of the maniac with interest. But what was their surprise when Von Trier stated in his interview that the following story is about the loneliness of people.