4 Famous Actresses Who Can Stay Without Makeup

Photos of glossy magazines always demonstrate perfect beauties and mainly that beauty appears due to photographers and makeup men. However, among Hollywood actresses there are those who can come out without makeup.

Tilda Swinton

As is known, Tilda prefers not to use makeup in daily life. Fans say that Tilda Swinton’s appearance is alien. The actress really possesses unusual and thin facial features, but she is beautiful even without makeup.

Kate Winslet

Like many English women, Kate Winslet can boast with her ideal porcelain skin. Without makeup Kate looks even younger, and the best cosmetics for her is good sleep and fresh air.

Jennifer Aniston

To keep her beauty and stay young Jennifer spares no money or efforts. Never aging beauty from “Friends” is not shy of going out without makeup. In spite of that Jennifer’s natural beauty is not so bright, as in films and magazine covers, her fans won’t adore her less.

Heidi Klum

Supermodel is considered to be one of the main beauties in the world. Posting her photos without makeup in social settings Heidi received thousands of comments about her perfect skin. Relations with a young musician and healthy lifestyle are Heidi’s secret methods to stay so beautiful.