Musical Bands of 4 Famous Actors

Proving the statement that talented person is good at everything, Hollywood actors managed to realize themselves not only at “American Idol”, but also develop their musical career.

Russell Crowe

In the middle of 80-th a famous actor created a musical band Roman Antix, which afterwards got the name 30 Odd Foot of Grunts. The author of most band’s songs is Russell Crowe himself, who also sings them. From the actor’s words, playing music always gave him more pleasure than acting on the stage or shooting in films.

Johnny Depp

Talented Johnny Depp was always interested in rock music. In 1993 he created his first band, but the staff has existed for only about three years. After the band breakup Johny became keen on the acting career. And in 2015 he became one of the founders of superband Hollywood Vampires, in which Alice Cooper and Joe Perry accompanied him.

Jared Leto

Thirty Seconds to Mars is a famous rock project, the author and frontman of which is Jared Leto. Several successful albums and the adoring of rock music fans one more time proved the statement that the talented man is talented in everything.

Michael Pitt

Only a few people know that the star of the famous TV project Boardwalk Empire is also a talented musician. Michael Pitt is a frontman of his own group Pagoda which he founded in the beginning of 2000-th. Relevance and permanent employment on TV sets doesn’t allow Michael to give himself completely to his favorite hobby. That’s why the band can boast about two released albums only.