Three Most Annoying Characters of “Avengers”

In the first Marvel blockbusters superheroes were on their own. They were social outcasts, publicity felt threatened by their inhuman abilities. Going out from the classical image of hero-recluse provided the Marvel Universe great popularity. However, not all characters could keep the status of favorite ones.

Black Widow

After playing the role of Black Widow Scarlett Johansson got unbelievable 15 million dollars, but the Universe fans say the actress’s character the most annoying of all. Even Scarlett’s beauty and talent couldn’t add her heroine in tight latex costume a special highlight. The image of a strong woman who a priori takes down any stronger men audience called trite. Moreover, to the screenwriters’ surprise the romance of Black Widow and Hulk fans called inappropriate.


Fans state that in comparison with other heroes Jeremy Renner’s character looks pale. Among his weapons the soldier has got only a bow and arrows. Indeed, the absence of superpowers and endless Hawkeye’s stories about his past made audience tired of him.

Dr Strange

Unlike Black Widow and Hawkeye, Dr Strange was annoying audience not with his character’s features, but because of bad Benedict Cumberbatch’s play. According to the reviews many fans of the Universe couldn’t recognize Dr Strange in Sherlock Holmes, though they were trying hard to. Arrogant and ambitious character really has to have something in common with a legendary book detective, but besides makeup and costume he is not different from Sherlock at all.