The Most Stupid American TV Shows

America was always famous for its TV shows, among which there are lots of worthy and interesting programs. However, some shows deserved the title of not only the most popular, but also the most stupid ones.


The number one of the most stupid American TV shows rightly belongs to the reality where people compete while eating great amounts of food. After a big meal competitors do different sport exercises, and the crown of the winner takes the one who pukes the last. In spite of all the laws, the extraordinary live show where competitors give off half-digested food out of their stomachs became very popular.

Dating Naked

Reality where participants are trying to find their personal happiest was always so successful among TV audience. The feature of this show is that contestants appear before audience and their potential partners completely naked. The show creators were sure that nakedness would add the necessary drive to the project. And they were not wrong, though people without clothes look rather silly when trying to behave like they are dressed up.

Who’s Your Daddy

The natural desire for every mother is to know who is her child’s father. In TV program Who’s Your Daddy it turned into something really strange. A woman can take part in the show if the candidates for the father’s role will be … six. Besides, the potential participant has to show the proofs of her intimate relationship with all these men. The woman gets show’s award if she will guess who of her lovers became her child’s dad. The price is 100 thousand dollars and to get it many women are ready to do lots of things.

The Sex Factor

Porn-reality for those who dream to become a star of adult films is not only one of the stupidest, but also one of the dirtiest shows ever. To become a participant can only that person who has never starred in porn films before. Experienced coaches will teach the beginners how to become professionals in this area.